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you've tried these:

astrological plate with all signs of zod


Man Checking his Phone


Girl Relaxing


Mudra Meditation


Key Speaker


Reading the Quran


yet the problems remain

 what's getting in the way?

 approaching the problem the same way is the problem.

When we attempt  to solve our problems using the same thinking that created the problem we continue to get the same results.  When we shift our approach and perspective we enable ourselves to use self-awareness to gain missing information. That missing information allows us to bridge the gap between problem and solutions with perspective. That means you get to discover exactly what the pattern actually looks like in your life.

Revealing how it affects your:

here's what getting in the way

The approach to the problem is the problem!


Here's what I mean by this. During childhood we form habits and patterns that we use for two main purposes:

  • To keep us safe and out of pain

  • To meet or emotional needs


These habits are practiced and reinforced so much that they become unconscious and automatic patterns. Our past experiences influence and intimately shape our current perception by affecting four distinct elements:

self-awareness Is the master key

"how to" shift?

The answers you're looking for are inside your mind!

The elusive answer of "how to" shift is to reclaim your birthright! Which is the ability to know yourself! Moving forward is not possible when past experiences that have shaped your beliefs, behaviors and mindsets are still active.

You need awareness: the ability to link the concepts and ideas to your own life experiences! But why?

So you can see exactly how your past experiences influence you now and how the experiences of the past have become the limits, roadblocks and blind spots of today.  Inside the problem is a pattern, inside the pattern is a lesson and from the lesson we can craft a solution.

rediscover your power

Self-awareness is your birthright! It is a completely learnable skill and ability that allows you to take control of your life and finally feel proud to be in the drivers seat!


Self-awareness allows you to self correct, balance yourself and upgrade your weaknesses by getting to know yourself deeply and powerfully! When you're self-aware you can rewire your mind for optimal performance and decision making while decreasing the amount of suffering in your:

awareness word written on wood block. aw


Relaxed Businessman


Happy Family


mindful living word written on wood bloc

Claiming your birthright to know yourself deeply and powerfully allows you to increase the quality of your life by enhancing your ability to :

  • Solve your problems 

  • Achieve your goals 


  • Discover answers inside yourself

  • Learn from mistakes and put solutions into action

  • Change your mind and mood on demand

time to build positive paterns

Underneath the blind spots, doubts, limitations, and roadblocks, who are you truly? With a Coach, we'll approach your situation strategically and courageously: developing your self-awareness so you can identify the patterns and break them! Confronting your situation without guilt, shame and judgement grants you supreme ownership over your mind, moment and momentum! 

Gaining clarity, developing inner peace and stepping into your authentic self is possible without be diagnosed, medicated or having your medical record scarred. Now is the time to get out of your own way and build positive patterns.

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