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It's time to get an edge on life! You're ready to live now, but don't know what's blocking you. If you knew exactly how to fix your problem, achieve your goal, change your situation and get unstuck you would’ve done it already. But, when you're sick & tired of being sick & tired the real question is: how do I get it done?


The answers you seek are within you but, you must become aware of it. In order to get clear you need a system to help you uncover the blocks & shift them. Finally, lets take care of this because life is waiting for you.


Meet your gUIDE.

Spirit Guide Najee is a Board Certified Coach, Performing Artist and professional Tarot Reader. As an emerging authority on strategic self-awareness Najee, emphasizes the importance of self-knowledge and looking within for answers: if knowledge is power then self-knowledge is ultimate power. Why? Self-awareness allows us to develop positive patterns to rewire the mind.

We've Rediscovered our Power.

After seeing a variety of coaches and psychotherapists it always felt like a part of my inner work was still incomplete- something still seemed to be missing. 

After working with Coach Najee, that was no longer the case. His patience and encouragement allowed me to become aware of and cut through negative thought patterns and beliefs that were holding me back. I gained clarity, a sense of peace and gratitude for life and it's lessons. His coaching is by far the most effective strategy I have gone through. It was an absolutely transformative opportunity I would encourage anyone to take. 

— Manasa K, Yoga Instructor

After three years of traditional therapy I never felt there were tangible solutions in sight. After working with Coach Najee, I was able to finally see the invisible patterns that influenced my life. After gaining valuable perspective on my situation we created strategies I could implement immediately. As a goal oriented person it felt good knowing solutions and strategies were just a perspective switch away.

— toni j, book keeper

I needed guidance without dependency. With his sound and gentle approach we tapped into the core of the problem. With coaching, I have made more progress than any other form of traditional therapy.

— lovella m, entreprenuer

Therapy and recent medical treatments have failed me. They left me drained, stuck in a loop and had negative side effects. During our session, I really just wanted an action plan to follow. However, after addressing my real issues and their root causes, I gained clarity, perspective and strategies.

— Kiara H, Health Unit Coordinator

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Our mission

At Positive Patterns Transformation Coaching we aim to provide the tools & strategies so self-motivated individuals can gain self-knowledge and transform their problems into power. Through a process of strategic self-awareness, we aim to develop the client's confidence and personal authority to upgrade the way they think; enabling them to fix their problems, change their situation and achieve their goals.

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