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​Najee Lee's hunger for truth and passion for self-mastery has led him to become a Board Certified  Coach, Motivational Speaker and professional Tarot Reader. Coach Najee is an invaluable resource for seekers of truth in spiritual and professional circles looking to take their life off of autopilot and transform their problems into power. For over ten years he has not only studied metaphysics, alchemy, esoteric sciences, spirituality, consciousness and tarot, but has become adept in the art of consciously creating change in the lives of his clients.

His system of transformation called Mental Alchemy is based upon the simple principle that energy is not created or destroyed it only transfers states. He realized that the problems we face on a daily basis are not rooted in our behavior but in the mind and these issues within the mind cannot be ran away from: rather, they must be confronted, understood and transformed! Mental Alchemy permits clients to discover the unconscious patterns that stifle their results and life; because you cannot change what you are unaware of.

As a Coach, Najee's positive, caring and reassuring demeanor sets the stage for a fruitful and co-creative relationship: while his keen discernment, sharp intuition and extensive knowledge allows him to strategically and skillfully guide clients to dissect challenges to there root!

As a Keynote Speaker and developing authority on strategic self-awareness— Najee Lee speaks from the heart: using his unique rebellious spirit to speak about the fears and desires of the collective. He encourages the audience to look within for answers because knowledge is power and self-knowledge is ultimate power.

Through powerful story telling, Coach Najee delivers priceless information with clarity and precision, thought provoking messages with humor and points out the life lessons found in the daily struggle. His charismatic style and inspirational harmonica playing touches peoples spirit: creating the necessary pause to trigger curiosity and perspective shifts.

But, before Najee could coach anyone he had to overcome his greatest challenge and coach himself: effectively taking his own life off auto-pilot. After being sick & tired of being sick & tired, he embarked on a trans-formative spiritual journey to face his problems head on. During the "the dark night of the soul" he learned from his traumatic experiences of depression, failing out of college, gaining 150lbs, being in a tragic relationship and feeling not good enough. He survived the experience and gained a tremendous amount of clarity by witnessing the power of his mind. After understanding exactly how he had created a life unfit to live full of failure, regret, heartache, sorrow, feeling different, powerless and trapped; Coach Najee was able to gain higher perspectives and insights on how the mind works that no book could teach him.

As a professional Tarot Reader- Coach Najee uses the cards as a system to help clients gain self-knowledge: revealing the layers of conditioning, exposing beliefs and previously unknown factors that affect our thinking. Clients are guided to shift their perspective and expand their awareness to see themselves like never before: with meaning, purpose and clarity.














When we're ready to start the great work something needs to change: and after religion, self-help books, affirmations, meditations and positive thinking the only thing left to change is your mind. However, change really happens when you're sick & tired of being sick & tired. The ability to consciously change and create your life is a skill and you'll need tools and strategies to make that a reality. When you're ready Coach Najee can guide you to unpack your story because within the story lies a problem, in the problem lies a pattern and within the pattern lies the solution. The time to start the great work is upon us all.

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