the transformation


awaken the champion


Now that you're developing positive patterns to rewire your mind, living life on your terms is now possible. Experience what it feels like to be integrated, balanced & intune.



now you're in charge

Once you take back your power it allows you to consciously respond to life instead of just reacting. When you respond from a position of power you get to truly enjoy the process of living, instead of being enslaved by it.

Authentic self-expression creates genuine connections.

Trust your gut! Balance logic & emotions to create your own answers.

Let go of control &

seize the moment.

get an edge on life

When life, relationships and career seem to spiral out of control, tap in and remain present! No more being hard on yourself, high expectations, racing thoughts and feeling unfulfilled. When you rewire your mind, you access a state of balance and harmony which allows you to remain flexible, fluid and firmly rooted in peace.

Inside your head is safe, secure and still.

Maintain your confidence & happiness for inner peace.

Our mission

At Positive Patterns Transformation Coaching we aim to provide the tools & strategies so self-motivated individuals can gain self-knowledge and transform their problems into power. Through a process of strategic self-awareness, we aim to develop the client's confidence and personal authority to upgrade the way they think; enabling them to fix their problems, change their situation and achieve their goals.

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