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Your current level of self-awareness is…

Level 2- Awake

Level 2- Awake (Self-Discovering)


In order to ‘wake up’ one dark night of the soul is required- congratulations for making it through, you have arrived! 


Waking up is the first step toward becoming free. Most likely you have woken up because intense pain (external or internal) has caused you to realize that something is terribly wrong or missing. That pain caused a paradigm shift and altered your perception of yourself and reality. You have level two self-awareness and possess a wavering desire to be the CAUSE in your life instead of being the EFFECT but you just don’t know how to achieve it. 


If intense pain did not shatter the illusion called your life, a rare blessing was bestowed upon you- the gradual dissolution of the lies and a gentle introduction to the truth.


Either way- you have become aware that you don’t know! In this state of conscious incompetence you have a burning desire to know! You are in the information gathering stage. This means obtaining information from all sources possible. Listening to lectures, social media clips, reading blogs and referred books is what you do for fun! You’re seeking and searching for answers so you can form your own opinion and perspective on what is actually going on in the world and why.


You also desire to understand who you are and why you do what you do. As you study and research, occasionally you'll get intuitive downloads and random epiphanies- cheers, self-awareness is brewing in the background.  


As you continue down the path you gradually ‘wake up’ in intervals. You quickly discover that waking up simply means embarking on a journey of self discovery: gaining more and more information that accurately reflects your true nature (who you are and how you function) and the whole truth of what is occurring on the planet. 


As you ‘wake up’ you become aware of the basics: 


  • You become aware of how much your personality has been shaped by childhood programming, trauma and environmental conditioning


  • You have emotional triggers that throw you off balance- affecting your mind, mood and moment


  • The negative voice in your head is not the real you and can be silenced & canceled


  • Self-regulation at this point requires conscious manual effort and is a long process.


  • Self-awareness is a basic requirement for ‘consciousness expansion’


Your self-awareness is just a few steps above non-existent but that's better than the masses who are deeply asleep. Introspection may be natural for you but, it’s typically in the form of critical self-analysis which reveals more problems than solutions. The inner voice is still ultra critical, judgmental and harsh- it still throws you into mental loops, distracts you and triggers you.

Because of recent or not so recent event’s you’ve started to contemplate the nature of reality and beyond. All the information you’ve gathered allows you to interpret reality a step above the literal and surface levels-which you are thankful for. This expanded metaphorical and symbolic perspective grants you a bit of mental flexibility so you can think outside the box and formulate your own conclusions.


Your self-awareness (ability to recognize internal patterns) is starting to triumph over self-consciousness (preferences, likes, dislikes and fears)- so you trust your intuitive hunches and have a healthy suspicion of external authorities- you tend to consciously follow rules to navigate the system to your benefit. You haven’t learned to dance to the beat of your own drum and didn’t even know it was possible to do so.


Life is still a whirlwind and kind of confusing- you’re still trying to differentiate between what's real and what isn't! 


The epitome of success in your eyes is discovering and uncovering all the truth that you can find. You don’t have enough information to make an informed decision but things like Christ consciousness, shadow work, intergenerational trauma, inner child wounds and chakra unblocking seem like interesting topics you’d like to explore. You are still in the information gathering phase and not ready to start ‘The Great Work’.


‘The Great Work’ is the process of utilizing self-awareness as the master key to break out of the mental prison. The aim of ‘The Great Work’ is to strategically heal trauma, stop drama and end karma- which manifests as core fears, blockages, inner child wounds, conditioning, and subconscious programming that prevents you from living life on your own terms. 


Right now your focus is elsewhere- as you have just begun your spiritual journey. This manifests as living in and out of synchronization with the universe- you're still struggling to find out what your soul mission & life purpose is. You’ve thought about it but you’re not ready to pay for professional help- you’re still shopping around, gathering information and seeing who resonates with you the most before you pull the trigger.




  1. Seeking answers and searching for the ‘truth’

  2. Open minded, curious & have a desire to learn 

  3. Passively switching your focus for external to the internal

  4. Healthy distrust of external authorities

  5. Starts actively questioning reality and themselves

  6. Abilities such as patterns recognition, intuitive download, decoding symbolism and acknowledge synchronicity start to come online

  7. Accepting that the ‘unseen’ world exists and has influence on the seen world

  8. Aware that something is not right with the world and ‘this is not how life is supposed to be’

  9. Logical processing and emotional processing are recognized as valid and equal expressions of intelligence 

  10. Dreams, synchronicity and coincidence trigger introspection and awareness instead of denial


Blindspot & Weakness:


  1. Can still be distrusting and skeptical-Information is collected and stored instead of being applied

  2. Typically not ready to take action & invest in themselves

  3. Easily overwhelmed by information & victim of analysis paralysis

  4. Can be hypocritical- you can look good on social media but their personal life doesn’t reflect what you are preaching

  5. Unskilled at introspection- thus habits, trauma and the negative inner voice easily throws you off balance- too emotional or logical

  6. Can become intolerant, preachy and try to convert the inner circle

  7. Can be easily manipulated by spiritual narcissists and fake guru’s

  8. Often mistakes superficial change for ‘doing the work’

  9. Don’t know how to guard and manage your energy- empathetic overload and emotional fatigue is common

  10. Inner wounds are still fresh and a relapse back into the ‘matrix’ is tempting

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