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Your current level of self-awareness is…

Level 3- Aware

Level 3- Aware (Self-correcting)

You have level three self-awareness and in life, you are learning to be the CAUSE instead of being the EFFECT. You’ve gained sufficient knowledge from the external world and you’re ready to actively take steps towards the solution. Because of this, you have successfully shifted your focus from the external world to the internal world. You are actively developing your self-awareness as a competent skill set and you’re actively doing  The Great Work.


‘The Great Work’ is the process of utilizing self-awareness as the master key to break out of the mental prison. The aim of ‘The Great Work’ is to strategically heal trauma, stop drama and end karma- which manifests as core fears, blockages, inner child wounds, conditioning, and subconscious programming that prevents you from living life on your own terms. 


Most likely you’ve gone through multiple ego deaths, rebirths and dark nights of the soul to get to this point. Your self-awareness isn’t at master level, however, it is well beyond the masses. Deep introspection is a natural part of your day as you utilize self-awareness as a powerful form of pattern recognition. This enables you to see beyond the surface, beyond the metaphorical meanings and see the patterns and systems that operate behind the veil. Your heightened self-awareness operates as a 6th sense which gives you a profound appreciation and understanding of yourself and the world around you.


You’re learning how to utilize your self-awareness as an anti-virus: manually scanning your internal world for threats, loopholes and vulnerabilities and then making time to do sessions on yourself. Your daily practice yields noticeable results and tangible benefits. This has given you a glimpse of your true divine nature, personal authority, and inner power. 


When you are triggered and thrown off balance you immediately tap in and go within yourself to identify the root of the problem and resolve it. You don’t always remember, but when you do- you apply spiritual laws, psychological concepts, and mindful strategies in real time. You integrate the feedback and valuable insights into your working body of knowledge for future application. You’re getting good at self regulation and making self correction an enjoyable habit. 


Your self-awareness is acute and active. Because of this you tend to be cautious about the intentions of external authorities and never blindly follow rules. You’re still learning to dance to the beat of your own drum and when you falter you still punish yourself. However, you quickly catch yourself and utilize your self-awareness for self-correction. 


Your goal is to get in alignment with your life's purpose and your soul’s mission. Most likely you're in the beginning to intermediate stages of using your gifts in an entrepreneurial fashion- albeit, you may still be on the struggle bus.


The epitome of success in your eyes is healing all your traumas, integrating all aspects of yourself and becoming the best version of yourself. Level 3 self-awareness gives you a preview of what fully embodying Christ consciousness looks like. Right now you’re unable to fully live life on your own terms as core wounds still need to be identified and healed. This manifests as you living in and out of synchronization with the universe- still struggling to align yourself with your soul mission & life purpose. Another dark night of the soul is coming to assist in your transformation, you are almost there!




  1. You’re a genuine person with a unique personality

  2. Certain about their soul’s purpose and life mission

  3. The inner voice is almost your best friend

  4. Solution-oriented and ‘doing the work’-actively breaking patterns, healing traumas, reprogramming dna, realigning chakras and integrating the shadow

  5. Willing to pay professionals to save time & expedite healing

  6. Applies spiritual concepts to reality for real world results

  7. Abilities such as pattern recognition, intuitive download, decoding symbolism and acknowledging synchronicity are strengthened and enhanced + the ability to mix different modalities together for an enhanced result

  8. Love sharing knowledge and helping people and do it well

  9. Committed to the spiritual journey: the good, bad and ugly

  10. Enhanced control, authority and internal power over mind, mood and moment allows you to utilize relapse and failure as learning opportunities for growth and change


Blindspot & Weakness:


  1. Still have some serious core wounds and traumas that need to be further addressed

  2. Tip toeing on the verge of spiritual narcissism: pride, vanity & wrath

  3. Hyper focused on ‘doing the work’ and can become obsessive

  4. Boring, stale, intimidating or eccentric personality

  5. Can get consumed with the work and forget to live

  6. Constant inner work can cause emotional fatigue and mood swings

  7. Can still be overwhelmed by information & a victim of analysis paralysis

  8. Can get stuck in one perspective or angle of healing that halts progress

  9. Tendency to overdo plant medicine and/or get hooked on vices again

  10. The voice of ego/shadow can be confused for the voice of the higher self

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