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What all the chosen ones are striving for

Level 4- Aligned

Level 4- Aligned (Self-Actualizing)

You have level four self-awareness and in life, you are largely the CAUSE and sometimes the EFFECT. You have actively developed your self-awareness almost to the level of mastery. You trust your internal guidance and the voice in your head, for the most part is your best friend. You still fall victim to pessimism and the occasional low vibrational vices but you can recover relatively quickly- restoring your optimism, raising your vibration and releasing the delusions and internal illusions that had you temporarily stuck.


Your awareness is strong, practical and tactically useful; it has been optimized to scan your internal world for threats, loopholes and vulnerabilities and then you resolve them immediately. You guard your inner peace, focus, time, energy and presence feverishly. You are actively attuning and aligning yourself with your higher self so you can be in complete alignment with your soul’s mission, passion & purpose. Most likely you are attempting to utilize your gifts in an entrepreneurial fashion. 

You are striving to reach a sufficient level of mastery and you have gotten a glimpse of your higher self and divine nature. This partial awakening has granted you a practical level of personal authority, and inner power- which you are learning to acknowledge and utilize. Level 4 self-awareness doesn’t come cheaply, easily or quickly! The price? Your life! You have committed yourself to self-mastery and are actively doing the work; transmuting traumas, neutralizing triggers and integrating the shadow when the opportunities present themselves. 


You are utilizing self-awareness as the master key to break out of the mental prison and diligently doing the inner work to heal trauma, stop drama and end karma. You have done a considerable amount of work but you still have some deep core traumas fears, blockages, inner child wounds that prevent you from fully integrating with your higher self. 


You have done an intensive amount of shadow work, had multiple ego deaths and have successfully transversed the dark night of the soul several times. Your most coveted secret is working with a competent professional to successfully transverse the obstacles on the road to spiritual ascension (saving time, energy, money, frustration, and preserving your sanity)!


All your inner work has gotten you very close to being the best version of yourself and embodying your higher self in the flesh. Deep introspection occurs often which consistently broadens your perspective! This means your interpretation and perception of reality can range from cosmic and complex all the way down to the literal meaning. Because of this you have a deep appreciation and understanding of yourself and the world at large. 


You are supremely aware of how you function and are highly skilled at tapping into yourself. This means you can easily identify the root of the problem and resolve it. You automatically utilize spiritual laws, psychological concepts, and mindful strategies in real time- which provides feedback and valuable insights that can be integrated into your working body of knowledge for future application. This causes internal peace and harmony as you have made self regulation and self correction a habit. 


Due to high levels of self-awareness, you tend to be cautious about the intentions of external authorities and never blindly follow rules. You dance to the beat of your own drum and are highly aware of your old egotistical impulses to self-punish.


Success and the epitome of life in your eyes is fully embodying Christ consciousness and living life on your own terms. This manifests as you largely living in synchronization with the universe & attempting to remain aligned to your soul mission & life purpose; also while assisting others to do the same. You are practicing embodying love, and actively breaking the resistance to giving and receiving love- congratulations; moksha and spiritual liberation awaits you!




  1. Seeking to align with their higher self

  2. Not fully ready but willing and open

  3. Extremely intelligent, creative and insightful

  4. Aware of weaknesses and traumas and actively working to neutralize them

  5. Possess internal authority and power over one's mind, mood and moment

  6. Relatively consistent states of inner peace, presence and internal power

  7. Inner voice is mostly the voice of their higher self and is their best friend

  8. Nervous system can be manually brought back to peace with medium effort

  9. Constantly and consciously looking to breakthrough and raise their consciousness

  10. Abilities such as patterns recognition, intuitive download, decoding symbolism, and energy signature detection are embraced and practiced daily


Blindspot & Weakness:


  1. Physical body may still need work 

  2. Minimally but still affected by vices, ego traps, and vanity items

  3. Personality still needs to be rounded out

  4. Doubts still partially block deeper spiritual gifts from truly coming online 

  5. Core wounds prevent total integration with higher self

  6. Can be obsessive about the work and forget to live

  7. Tend to be idealistic and have hidden egotistically driven values

  8. Can still be triggered by significant others and drawn to lower vibrational states

  9. Some financial issues are still present due to core wounds that prevent a true influx of abundance

  10. Still struggling/working on manifesting their dreams and fully stepping into their souls purpose full time

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