mental alchemy transform your problems into power


a system designed to re-balance you

You want answers, but too often we hyper focus on the outcome and forget the process! Mental Alchemy™ is a process of guided self-awareness in which you transform your problems into power. By bridging the gap between problem and solution with perspective, we equip you with the proper tools so you can rewire your thinking and break the patterns that hold you back. Mental Alchemy™, is a signature system designed to help you become your happiest, most balanced and authentically expressive self by creating deep structural shifts across three dimensions:

Soul and spirituality abstract concept
heal truama.

Relational (upgrade your self-awareness)

Self-awareness is your ability to know why and how you function in the moment.  Together, we'll identify the patterns and wiring that keep you on auto-pilot. 

Soul and spirituality abstract concept
stop drama.

Behavioral (changes in lifestyle & action).

When you know better you can do better. Coaching strategically prepares you to respond from a position of power and integrity instead of being triggered to react.

Soul and spirituality abstract concept
end karma.

Psychological (revision of belief systems)

Using your new awareness, tools and strategies you can make better choices and prevent yourself from experiencing the same old cycles and patterns of hurt, pain, frustration, fear and limitation.



 Lets Clarify the problem

Stop looking outside of yourself, the answer is within! If knowledge is power then self-knowledge is ultimate power! Together, we'll dig deep to get crystal clear about the problem because you cannot shift what you're unaware of.

 identify the patterns

  It's not what's wrong with you, it's what happened to you. Together, we'll break the problem apart to identify the core patterns, systems and mechanics that influenced your thinking, affected your choices, shaped how you felt and hindered you from achieving what you desire most.

  extract the value

Since knowledge is the new currency, self-knowledge is gold! Inside the problem lies the pattern, inside the pattern lies a lesson and inside the lesson lies the solution.


Once you've gained self-knowledge you can see your situation from a new angle and capitalize on past experiences and failures. You'll discover hidden strengths, talents, abilities, learn life lessons and use challenges as opportunities for growth.

create a roadmap

Let's face it, taking courageous action in alignment with your goals can seem scary and overwhelming at first.


In order to reclaim your birthright to life live on your own terms and achieve your goals you'll need positive patterns: daily rituals, mental strategies, an action plan and an upgraded mindset.


That's why we're going to craft an integrated roadmap that's simplified and organized; enabling you to break old patterns by taking small steps for small victories. You don't have to tackle this alone!