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Spirit Guide Najee is a Board-Certified Coach with a profound life mission: to empower entrepreneurs, leaders, and high performers to expand their self-awareness, enhance their skill sets, and optimize their minds. His goal is to help them effectively solve problems, achieve their goals, and attain the results they desire. Najee specializes in guiding 'The Chosen Ones' through the transformative inner journey of shadow work, utilizing self-awareness as the master key. This process enables them to heal from past traumas, break free from intergenerational curses, conquer fear, and overcome their inner demons.

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Sand Dunes


Sand Dunes

Self Awareness. Self Reflection. Self Knowledge. 

Self Correction. Self Actualization.  Self Mastery.

My Story- Seeking the Answer to a Single Question

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Before Najee could help anyone, he had to help himself. Najee's greatest desire was to find the answer to a single burning question- How do I stop suffering? Plagued with low esteem, doubt, worry and inner judgment, he was fueled to seek knowledge to end his internal torment, agony and misery. In search of the answer of ‘how do I’ stop suffering, Najee went down the rabbit hole and studied spirituality, psychology, metaphysics, philosophy, and esoteric & occult knowledge. 


Najee’s resolve was tested as he went through the dark night of the soul; he failed out of college, gained 150lbs, was in a failing relationship, broke, depressed and on the verge of suicide.  Najee felt  cursed! He was crippled by fear and his inner demons were running rampant! Hitting rock bottom was his initiation unto the path of healing and the choice was simple: heal yourself or kill yourself.  

What happened next was short of incredible. Najee started to self-reflect and introspect. Najee shifted his focus from external to internal and his perspective from subjective and objective. Najee embarked upon an inner transformative journey of shadow work that put him face to face with his biggest challenge: his own mind.

Najee began prompting himself, asking himself powerful questions and actively listening to the feedback; he didn’t know it at the time, but he was waking up and becoming self-aware. He developed his inner vision and discovered that self-awareness is a powerful form of pattern recognition that enabled him to identify the root cause of his suffering.

The answer to the question ‘how do I’ stop suffering was finally uncovered!


The answer was shockingly simple-  utilize self-awareness as the master key to heal trauma, stop drama and end kama. Najee realized the source of his suffering was internal blockages. These blockages were simply unconscious and automatic patterns that were rooted in traumatic childhood programming & conditioning.


Najee understood that self-awareness was the master key to deprogram, reprogram and optimize his mind because it ultimately led to self-correction and self-mastery. 


Najee got to work, synergistically blending spiritual concepts, coaching techniques, self-awareness skill sets and psychological principles together to create his signature method called Mental Alchemy With that information Najee began rewiring himself from the inside out: alchemizing his negative patterns into positive patterns.


Najee honestly believes pain travels through families until someone is ready to hold it, feel it and heal it. Those intergenerational curses can be broken, fear can be conquered and the inner demons can be slayed! Internal peace and power is your birthright!

Contact Me

I'm always looking to connect with other Chosen Ones, Starseeds, Black Sheep and extended soul family part of the 144,000. If you have questions, comments or youtube video topic suggestions please don't hesitate- Let's connect.

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