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come seeking answers
& leave with awareness

No magic, future & fortune telling here! Since knowledge is power, self-knowledge is ultimate power! Gain the insight, perspective & clarity you've been seeking; without the woo-woo!

What's a Self-awareness Tarot Reading?

You don't need vague future readings and spooky hand waving! You need simple, practical and applicable perspective that helps you actually fix, change and alter your situation!


Self-awareness is a powerful form of pattern recognition that gives you deep insight into your internal patterns- revealing your roadblocks, blindspots and unconscious patterns that keep you stuck in a cycle. Enhancing your self-awareness allows you to make better choices for power, peace and performance. 

Secure & Confidential

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Practical & Applicable

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Traveler in Motion

In Transition

Transitions can be difficult and the unknown can be scary. What do you when theres a fork in the road?

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Seeking Perspective

Get the perspective you need to make the best decision when life has you stumped.

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Need clarity

Feeling lost and confused? Get the clarity you need to properly navigate your situation.

Get the Answers, Insights & Clarity You Need

 After your reading you'll be equipped with self-knowledge to make an informed decision and take massive action! Self-awareness is the master key because it allows you to gain self-knowledge.


That knowledge in the form of insights, clarity, answers and expanded perspective can be leveraged to help you self-correct! and get unblocked and unstuck.

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Tarot Cards _ Crystals

Spiritual Guidance

At times the spiritual journey can be ultra challenging. Get the guidance you need to navigate the complexities.

In Love

Relationship Questions

Relationships can be tricky to navigate. Get the insight you need for smoother sailing. 

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Get Unstuck

You know you're on auto-pilot and stuck in a rut, It's time to do something about it.

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Numerology numbers on the table astrology. Selective focus. old..jpg
Go Ahead and Ask, You Know You Want to Know.

Like they say, ask and you shall receive. This time, you don't have to worry about spokey hand waving, general sounding answers and the typical "darkness is coming" answer.


Self-awareness tarot readings are meant to expand your self-knowledge so you can can get things done in reality. So, go ahead, ask away.

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