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spirit guide najee

Light Code 

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Light Code Available Everywhere.

The #1 album for Starseeds, Black Sheep & Chosen One's.

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Self Awareness is the Master Key

Spirit Guide Najee is a dark skin alien from Sirius B. He incarnated during this ascension cycle to help raise the frequency & vibration of the collective consciousness. The mission- help the Starseeds, Black Sheep, Indigos, Light Workers & Truth Seekers do shadow and break out the mental prison. That means helping them utilize self-awareness as the master key to heal trauma, stop drama, and end karma!

To assist in the shift of consciousness from 3D to 5D- Spirit Guide Najee, alchemically fused Miami’s unique 305 swag with trap beats and then encoded metaphysical concepts into music; producing a new cosmic sound called 5D rap.

When you tap in and tune in you realize truth has a sound! Through powerful imagery and storytelling, 5D rap delivers cosmic light codes that reverberate across the galaxy to awaken the mind and empower the soul!

Theres Level's to This

Unlock the Light Codes and Unravel the Wisdom in Every Verse. Explore the Layers in the Lyrics at

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