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What all the chosen ones are striving for

Level 5- Avatar

Level 5- Avatar (Self-Actualized)

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Your current self-awareness level is five. In life, you are the CAUSE instead of being the EFFECT. You trust your internal guidance and the voice in your head is your best friend. 


You have reached an optimal level of mastery, awakening and enlightenment which grants you access to personal authority, and internal power. You are an energy magnet and master manifester. Your spiritual gifts are fully online and your self-awareness is a mastered art & science- this gives you almost prophetic insight as you have a thorough understanding of yourself, others and how spirit works at a micro and macro level. 


Your awareness has been automated to scan your internal world for threats, loopholes and vulnerabilities and then you resolve them on the spot. You continue to guard your inner peace, focus, time, energy and presence feverishly. At this point you completely aligned with your life's purpose and your soul’s passion. Your gifts are being to enhance your souls mission and purpose and you're knee deep on your entrepreneurial journey

You have successfully utilized self-awareness as the master key to break out of the mental prison. You have healed trauma, stopped the drama and ended the karmic cycles that are caused by core fears, blockages, inner child wounds, conditioning, and subconscious programming.


The chains of trauma are broken and unnecessary suffering is a thing of the past. You feel safe and fully anchored in your body because you experience a deep & lasting inner peace. Your mood is consistently elevated and stable- this allows you to be supremely present. Because you know who you are and what you’re capable of: life is a game. Because you have accumulated undeniable proof that proves you are who you say you are you- you know you are a winner. Yo have gained mastery over your heart, mind, body & sou and have reached a critical point of spiritual maturity. This grants you spiritual immunity to the annoying effects of doubt, fear, worry, guilt and shame. Low vibrational concepts such as lack and limitation are distant laughable memories as you are fully anchored into unity consciousness.


Because you’ve done so much healing and inner work you are simply unmoved and unconcerned with all vices, ego traps, vanity items and status symbols. You literally exist beyond the allure of low vibrational temptations- which renders you impervious to Luceriferian mind control and Satanic emotional manipulation. As the Avatar you have earned the privilege of BEING a conduit for abundance, wealth, love and peace. Because you have reached such a heightened state of being while still incarnated in the flesh you have all the basics covered. At this level money is just a tool to get things done, your career is aligned to your soul's purpose and mission. Your relationships are high vibrational, your body is a well oiled machine and hey- you absolutely love yourself- so this produces a constant state of ecstasy, bliss and joy.- It almost feels like you’re a child again.

Because you consistently remain obedient to spiritual principles and laws, you consistently manifest your desires. You have done the work to expand your consciousness and raise your vibration so you know who you are, you wield high levels of internal authority and power. You are a force for good so you create sustainable systems and structures that feed, nurture and empower all those around you.  So where can an Avatar improve? They can always work with spirit to become more attuned to the law of one so they can continue to be in service to others at an ever increasing capacity. If there’s anything these beings can work on is being more bold & courageous in who they are and what they bring into the world.


All this internal work has transformed you into the best version of yourself and sharpened your self-awareness skills to pro level! Deep introspection occurs often which consistently broadens your perspective!


You are supremely aware of how you function and are highly skilled at tapping into yourself. You automatically utilize spiritual laws, psychological concepts, and mindful strategies in real time- which provides feedback and valuable insights that can be integrated into your working body of knowledge for future application. You dance to the beat of your own drum and have no need to self-punish because you’re constantly involved in self-awareness, self-reflection and ultimately self-correction: simply put, you have made self regulation and self correction a habit.


Success and the epitome of life in your eyes is to continue being of service to others in an ever increasing capacity. This manifests as you living in full synchronization with the universe & remaining fully integrated and aligned to your soul mission & life purpose; also while assisting others to do the same. You are love, you give love and receive love- moksha and spiritual liberation is not far- not that it matters at this point- you are simply present.




  1. Successfully reprogrammed your DNA, healed core traumas, cleared blockages and aligned chakras- self-correction and regulation of nervous system happens relatively easily,

  2. Abilities such as patterns recognition, intuitive download, decoding symbolism, and energy signature detection are mastered and utilized daily

  3. High energy, good sleep and peak holistic health 

  4. Possess internal authority and power over one's mind, mood and moment

  5. Deep inner peace, increased productivity, & pleasantly present

  6. Inner voice is the voice of their higher self and is their best friend

  7. Solid confidence, competence, clarity and masterful communication

  8. Joyfully learning and growing- constantly seeking the test & lesson in daily life

  9. Attracts their twin flames- consciously cultivating deeply passionate and meaningful relationships

  10. Entrepreneurs who turned their soul’s purpose and life mission into profitable and sustainable ventures focused on helping others (always working with other professionals in the field for further consciousness expansion)


Blindspot & Weakness:


  1. Willingness to love & share seems as if they are gullible

  2. Childlike enthusiasm and curiosity make them seem immature

  3. Can mismanage their time and energy if not careful

  4. May be unrelatable and deified by the average person

  5. May be detached from the average experience of reality

  6. Unrealistic expectations of those around them

  7. Can be perceived to have a ‘know it all’ attitude

  8. Easily misunderstood due to their multidimensional perspective 

  9. Can fall from grace if they become self-absorbed

  10. Can be irritating by constantly correcting others

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